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San Diego Comic Con confirms Peter Jackson's 'Hobbit 3' presentation

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According to Business Wire on Tuesday, it was revealed that San Diego Comic Con has confirmed Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" will make its presence be known as well as two other anticipated films brought to fans and audiences by Warner Brothers. Jackson will appear main stage as information about the sequel will be made known.

Also, director George Miller of "Mad Max: Fury Road" will be front and center for a very first look at his film and in Hall H a sneak peak at the Wachowski brothers' "Jupiter Ascending" will also be a sight to behold. The announcement date of the celebrity appearances will be made at a later time.

Speculation by other news sources indicate that it could be possible to present footage of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" during the course of the International San Diego Comic Con, but Jackson is said to be pretty busy with VFX work on the film. That being said a possible guess of a video blog as well as a teaser trailer for the event could be a possibility.

One may also wonder when will Warner Brothers will debut a teaser trailer as if it is presented prior to the San Diego Comic Con, this could stimulate the pre-convention "buzz" prior to the panel event. Also, during the presentation at the 2012 convention, one may gain an idea of what to expect at this year's event. Back then, Warner Brothers debuted content entailing Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim" and Gareth Edwards' "Godzilla" movie.

Some considerable partial footage of the previous "Hobbit" movie was made apparent at that convention and a lengthy question and answer session with Jackson about his work was also part of the presentation. Along that included in the presentation was Andy Serkis, Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, and Philippa Boyens.