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San Diego Chargers, other NFL fans in San Diego should enjoy schedule change

Fans of other teams in the NFL should see their games interrupted less often following the NFL's scheduling change.
Fans of other teams in the NFL should see their games interrupted less often following the NFL's scheduling change.
Harry How / Getty Images

For fans of the NFL in San Diego, nothing is more frustrating than having a tight game in the final moments get interrupted by a voice-over that says the game will be cut off due to an NFL contractual obligation.

While this scenario may not be a big deal for some Chargers' fans, there are a lot of viewers in San Diego who would rather watch the end of another close game than minutes of commercials and a likely touchback at Qualcomm Stadium.

Fortunately, the NFL has responded and moved the kickoff times for double-headers to 1:25 PT, which will likely keep all fans happy.

The simple move of pushing the kickoff of the afternoon games just ten minutes back will significantly cut back on the instances of games being preempted to broadcast a team's home game. Given the fact that the new NFL overtime rules will now carry over into the regular season following the new CBA, this is a smart move.

The best place to watch the NFL is at home, and as much as the league wants to encourage its fans to come out to stadiums around the country, the reality is that most fans have been priced out of being regular attendees to their favorite team's home games.

Because of this, satisfaction with the viewing experience is a critical part of fans' enjoyment of the game. The change shows that the NFL understands that treating every game as equal is vastly important, especially when fans aren't always geographically committed to teams in today's transient world.

In the context of San Diego, it's a transplant-rich city, where Chargers fans often take a back seat to devotees of other teams in terms of presence, even occasionally at Qualcomm Stadium.

It will likely be those very same transplants that benefit the most from the move by the NFL.

In any case, it's yet another example of what makes the NFL the greatest professional sports league in the United States -- it continually makes adjustments to enhance the game for players and fans year after year.

That's all any sports fan can ask for.


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