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San Diegans hold out on min wage hike

Politicians in San Diego, both city and federal officials, have not given up on the effort to guarantee local workers struggling to make ends meet earn the higher minimum wages the politicians have had their eyes on for years. A ten dollars an hour minimum wage President Obama again , this week, faced off against House republicans on in Washington, DC, in an attempt to gain workers a "reward" for their "hard work" continues to have support from U.S. Rep. Susan Davis and City Councilman Todd Gloria, the former interim mayor in San Diego.

Gloria depends on the plan he drew up to have San DIego voters support an increase in the city's minimum wage to, in 2017, match the California minimum wage Governor Jerry Brown successfully raised to the 10 dollars an hour mark. A local increase would save out-of-pocket spending plans in a city the former interim mayor told the public over a quarter of earners do not earn enough to pay for a rising cost of living. Federal laisser faire work on raising the return on work Americans across the country earn will not leave local workers underpaid.

San Diego officials, on the Democratic side, stay positive on giving all workers an opportunity to settle into the standard of living, without emptying their pockets. The city government's workers, guaranteed wages by the city's Living Wage Ordinance, earn minimum incomes they can depend on to save money. The APril citywide minimum wage increase announcement confirmed more workers do not have to hold out for California minimum wages to find relief from outclassed low incomes.

Rep. Susan Davis, and the other two San Diego Democrats in the House, Reps. Scott Peters and Juan Vargas, have to plan to work on reviving the effort to raise the federal minimum wage to 10 dollars an hour they backed up last year during work on the Fair Minimum Wage Act. This week's failure int he Senate to move ahead on a vote on a minimum wage increase brings action to a standstill. House Republicans deny Democrats a floor vote.

Senator Boxer stays empty handed on the regular Democrat labor win her House counterparts take action on to gain the upper hand on in congress.

No deal is in sight. Keeping up with the Southern California cost of living stays a legislative job to get done at a later time.

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