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San DIegans earn min wage big in nation

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During months in 2014 unemployed workers join the workforce at a stalled rate, restaurant and retail workers, today, started earning the state 9 dollar an hour minimum wage. The step increase from the 8 dollar wage Governor Jerry Brown signed into law last year raised worker wages July 1st.

The low wage workers no longer have to agree to earn wages that fell below the inflated cost of living in San Diego. The 1 dollar increase is the first step towards the 10 dollar minimum wage totalled up to cover the California cost of living.

Voters in the city will vote on a 10 dollar local minimum wage that pays for increased prices. A wage COuncilman TOdd Gloria, the leader on the city wage raise, calls a guaranteed living wage.

Local minimum wage workers join the higher minimum wgae workers in the nation. 8 dollars an hour is a typical state minimum wage.
The income gap between low wage workers and the middle class workers in San Diego became smaller.

Hires at the typical 8 dollars an hour wage will stay in the local past.

SUmmer additions in the San DIego hotel and tourism workforces start at the 9 dollars an hour wage. The work making visits from out of town a fair weather experience comes at a less affordable price.

Drops in unemployment in San DIego hit an early holding level in a long decline in local unemployed workers. The minimum wage raise makes hiring more expensive in low wage markets that took a fall during the recession.

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