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San Bernardino shelter dog who came in smiling now turns his back on life

When Frankie arrived at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, on April 8, this three year old black and white pit bull mix was full of fun and smiles. His tail wagged, and he would roll over for belly rubs whenever he spotted one of his favorite humans.

Frankie smiling at everyone waiting for his family.
Pit a Boo
Just a few days ago, Frankie was a spirited, active and sweet boy. Now he just lies in Kennel 49 extremely depressed.
Pit a Boo

Click here to see his PetHarbor link, photo, and contact information.

One week later, Frankie has lost his "mojo." He has no interest in eating, picking up treats, or even getting up to greet his visitors. On Saturday, he barely acknowledged a volunteer, and as he lifted his head with a look of heartbreaking dejection, Frankie just turned away. A volunteer writes:

"I asked another volunteer to give him some canned food and a blanket to cuddle in. I sat for more than an hour in front of his crate. I had a music box with me and let the music play on and on. I had all of my hand inside his kennel petting him, and he was still sad. Poor baby is so dirty; I gave a volunteer baby wipes to clean his face, and show him we care. I want to see him getting out of that place alive. Frankie is a good boy, and his smile is big as his heart."

Frankie most likely has contracted kennel cough; a contagious although readily curable upper respiratory infection easily treated with antibiotics. If not treated, the infection could turn into pneumonia.

He is currently being housed in Kennel 49; please refer to A463556 when inquiring about his adoption availability.

Frankie's initial video, when he was full of spunk and ready to become someone's best friend, can be seen by clicking here.

Please be sure to watch the latest video of this dog.

Frankie will only be available on Tuesday. After that, he may be euthanized. If interested in helping this beautiful dog, please call before 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday at (909)-384-1304.

If you want to give this dog a home or can rescue this sweet angel please email the following people immediately (be sure to include the ID number in the subject line and the email):,,,,,,,,,,

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