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San Bernardino once smiling shelter dog rescued: Frankie has left the building

Additional update on Frankie:

Kisses and tears of happiness as Frankie left San Bernardino City Animal Shelter on Tuesday - this dog's last day before he was scheduled to die.
Pit a Boo
Frankie has been rescued; can't you tell by the kisses?
Pit a Boo

Unfortunately Frankie's condition proved to be worse than a canine influenza strain upper respiratory infection. With more testing by an MRI, a blockage was found in his intestines calling for immediate surgery. Veterinarians removed a corncob from the dog's intestinal tract. It is not known where Frankie could have picked up the corn cob; according to volunteers, he was immediately transported from the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter to the Pet Chalet where he has been under constant care.

Frankie is now on the road to recovery. Please check out the latest photos of his remarkable recovery. Soon he will be heading to his foster home until he is ready for his new home.

Frankie's medical bills have reached nearly $5,000. If you would like to help Frankie, please call Pet Chalet at (951)-272-3640.

UPDATE: Since being rescued, Frankie has been quite ill. At this time he is being treated for a canine influenza strain infection that has also affected other dogs recently rescued from the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter.

P.U.R.R.R. continues to help some of the most hopeless cases.

On Friday, Frankie was rushed to the veterinary hospital with labored breathing. Fortunately the x-rays of his lungs are clear; his medications have been changed, and it is hoped this beautiful dog will make a full recovery.

Follow Frankie's recovery and how you can help on his Facebook thread by clicking here.

Frankie, the three-year-old black and white pit bull has been rescued. On Tuesday afternoon, Frankie left the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter with Purrrsons United for the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Relocation of Animals (P.U.R.R.R. Rescue)

P.U.R.R.R. Rescue, located in Lakewood, Wash., helps with many adoptions in the state through PetSmart.

"Most rescues have to pass up the sick ones," stated the organization's president, Diana Van Dusen. "I'm going to get him healthy, transfer him up to Washington into a foster home, and then find his forever happy ending with the help of our village - as we call it."

Follow Frankie's progress on the organization's Facebook page by clicking here.

On April 8, Frankie arrived at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter with a boundless amount of energy, but within a week he had developed a serious upper respiratory infection. On Monday, Frankie was moved to an isolated section of the shelter, seen by a staff veterinarian, and put on antibiotics. He was not responding.

And then came social media to Frankie's rescue. Thousands of dog lovers and animal advocates shared Frankie's photographs and tragic story.

Read Frankie's original story by clicking here.

Regular volunteers Steve Miller and Sol Plante were ecstatic as Frankie jumped into the car early Tuesday afternoon.

"When I saw Frankie today, I knew he knew he was being rescue. He was very weak, but his eyes were alert and full of happiness and smiles again, " stated Sol through tears of joy running down her cheeks.

Thank you everyone for giving Frankie a second chance at life.

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