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San Antonio Spurs result 2014

It was Spring 1997 when a little boy screamed around the house once San Antonio Spurs pulled the number one draft pick—which, was no doubt to be Mr. Tim Duncan. Fast forward to the two towers asterisk championship in 1999 with Spurs Hall of Famers like David and Sean. Even then there was strong support such as the mental toughness from Mario Elie annexed that season, and pure shooting by Steve Kerr.

To fast forward even further, passing the lay-up championship against New Jersey Nets and Jason Kidd, to the riveting 2005 Pistons 7-game series. Then sweeping a cocky sophomore superstar, Lebron in 2007, to of course present day—June 2014. It is at this time that the story book tale of “revenge” (fortunately for fun of the game and competition); to completely over take what normally in any other year and at any other time, would have been Heat back-to-back-to-back championships. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the city of San Antonio enjoyed perhaps the most exquisite round of basketball ever played on a televised level (The 1992 “Dream Team” may be the only other type of basketball exhibited that could match).

Outlet passes after three people touch the ball. Someone under the basket at all times. Hands on the ball in the back court. Systematically running classic post plays to the all-time great power forward. Pick and rolling off the double team creating a new star—Khwai Leonard. To shiny trophies, five of them to be exact. The message here is not to boast about San Antonio, or even the Spurs specifically. The reality is that their coach, Greg Popavich, finally had his own team do exactly what he wanted them to do. A dream for any OCD personality.

In reality, only days after the championship, most of the world has moved on. But not in the matter they have in Spurs previous championships. Now there is cohesiveness in the city and Spurs nation. As superstitious as we all are, it might be fair to say that Spurs fans will try to duplicate whatever it was they were doing during this past post season. For the event of future success in basketball, and just for good luck.

Understanding the game of basketball fully is an endless road. Coach Pop seems to hold revolutionary science on the subject, but let’s just keep that a secret—especially from mind blowing Pat Riley and his voodoo (pay attention to his lips at close parts of the game [he’s mumbling something like Professor Snape in Quitage]). The real result is that this championship team is special, and for one reason. They played the game of basketball unlike any before—unselfishly. Congratulations to the Spurs, the city and all those that jumped on the band wagon. It was a pleasurable scene to witness. And before getting carried away about “repeat,” try to think of what the Spurs would do—execute by incorporating others. Not a bad superstitious quirk to incorporate—huh?

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