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Samyang announces "affordable" 12mm f2 lens

The 12mm f2.
The 12mm f2.

New to the market third party lens maker Samyang has just announced a lens that many sub-frame shooters have been dreaming about for years: a 12mm f2 that will feature a massive 99 degree field of view. Until now, the ultrawide, fast aperture rectlinear lens has been the sole preserve of FF digital/film shooters with the 14 f2.8s that many manufacturers already produce.

So, what of the new lens?

The lens came as a bit of a surprise considering that Samyang announced the development of a 10mm, slightly slower f2.8 optic lat last year. As for specifics on this lens, it is manual focus (as is the norm for the company) and is just the second Samyang lens to feature nano crystal coating, which is designed to improve light transmission while reducing internal reflections. Optically, the lens features 12 elements in 10 groups and includes an aspherical, a hybrid aspherical, and three low-dispersion glass elements.

The best thing about this lens: Samyang has managed to design a wide, fast lens lens without having to resort to a bulbous front element as is the norm on the familiar 14 f2.8s.

Want one yet? The good news is that the lens will be produced for all sub-frame mounts, both mirrored and mirrorless. The bad news: availability and MSRP have not yet been announced for the U.S. market. The good news: official press releases describe the lens as "affordable."

For more info:
Press Release

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