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Samy and Amy Bouzaglo accuse Chef Ramsay of sexual harassment

In 2013, Chef Gordon Ramsay, from “Kitchen Nightmares” walked away from his first restaurant that he could not help. Amy’s Bakery, owned by Samy and Amy Bouzaglo in Scottsdale, Arizona has more to complain about and it is serious if true. According to Radar Online, March 28, 2014, Samy and Amy have accused Chef Ramsay of sexual harassment.

Samy and Amy Bouzaglo with Chef Ramsay

The episode of "Kitchen Nightmares" featuring Amy’s Bakery received over a million viewers after it went viral, but there is more to the story. Samy and Amy put up a YouTube Video on Nov 5, 2013. The video is a taped live conversation between Samy, Amy and three female guests at the restaurant. In the video, they accuse Chef Ramsay of harassment, and sexual harassment in the kitchen.

In the video, Sammy said, “You harassed my wife, sexually harassed, in the kitchen, he did. He did that.”

He continued with, “He is nothing, because I show him I am not the other restaurants, he did what he wanted from other wives. Put them on the war between husband and wife, he tried. He tried!"

The Samy said that they fired Chef Ramsay. “Don’t believe what he say, he left in the middle of the night. We had this coming out. He wasn’t supposed to air our show. And they did, it was not finished!”

Amy said in a March 10 interview with Jonathan Langdale that Chef Ramsay’s lawyers want them to remove the video. It is a request that Amy and Samy refuse to do because they state that they are telling the truth.

Two former contestants from his show, "MasterChef" have accused Chef Ramsay of sexual harassment. This time, the harassment came from one of the judges. In June, Radar Online published that one of the women sexually harassed was Carrie Stevens. Chef Ramsay sexually harassed her so much that her lawyers were able to keep her off the show with some heavy editing.

Current and former employees of The Fat Cow, sued Chef Ramsay for paying them less than California’s legal wage limit. They also accused him of taking some of their tip money too. This was another matter during the filming of Amy's Bakery. Chef Ramsay accused Samy of stealing tips from the servers. He was also sued because he didn’t provide statutory meal breaks or overtime pay.

Chef Ramsay has had his share of problems, but many seem to be repeating. Do you believe Samy and Amy’s allegations against him or is this more hyped-up drama against him? In spite of all the drama, Amy's Bakery is still in business and serving customers.

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