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Samvit Wellness offers new holistic approach in Western New York

Dr. Brian Dailey and Dr. Sergey Sorin of Samvit Wellness
Dr. Brian Dailey and Dr. Sergey Sorin of Samvit Wellness
Samvit Wellness

The realm of holistic health and wellness is growing. There are many new fields of exploration, and many new modalities that are gaining credibility in the health and wellness field.

Two practicing medical doctors, Brian Daley MD, and Sergey Sorin MD, of Samvit Wellness in Webster, NY, are doing some ground-breaking work in the area of holistic health.

They are offering very special workshops and seminars, based on their research and experience.

The Hemi-sync technique is a patented, scientifically and clinically proven "audio guidance" technology with over 40 years of analysis behind it. Basically, Hemi-sync involves specific sound vibrations which resonate with the brain, promoting a range of states of consciousness, from deep relaxation to the various stages of sleep. Studies have shown that by using hemi-sync technology, energy in both hemispheres of the brain can become more equalized, so that the energy is more balanced.

The doctors, who are also both Reiki master/teachers, have created a completely unique course that combines the healing techniques of Reiki I and II, with the Hemi-sync technology. This combination provides a synergy of awareness and healing technique that seems to increase the effectiveness of the Reiki, while expanding conscious awareness for the practitioner.

The course is being offered April 6th through the 8th, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day.

On April 21st through the 24th, there is a Hospice workshop, which is designed to provide comfort, strength and support to patients, caregivers and families. The workshop uses guided meditations, sound technology and Reiki. These can be very useful tools to help manage pain, anxiety and other stresses that people might be facing in their hospice journey. Being able to manage one's symptoms can bring not only feelings of peace, but also of empowerment which is so important during this time.

The Samvit Wellness Center is located at:

The Whitehouse Lodge, Webster Park, 1100 Lake Road, Webster, NY 14580

Call 585-204-0874 to register for these and other workshops and seminars.



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