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Samuri sword attack NOT grounds for divorce


 A Nassau county Judge decided that an incident in which a Long Island woman threatened her husband of 30 years with a samurai sword did not amount to grounds for divorce.

Computer analyst Shlomo Kupperman claimed that in August 2005, his wife Irene charged him brandishing a 3-foot sword after he asked where she had been on the suspicion that she was having an affair with another man, the New York Daily News reports.

The 58-year-old man claimed that the blade came just inches away from his chest while the couple's daughter stood nearby.

Family Court Judge Edward Maron ruled that since the plaintiff wasn't injured, the incident didn't amount to "cruel and inhuman" behavior, and was therefore not grounds for divorce.

Maron noted that Kupperman testified to retreating to the couple's bedroom, where he locked himself for the rest of the night, instead of calling the police or going to the hospital.

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