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Samuel L Jackson is alive and well

Samuel L Jackson surprised viewers with an appearance on this week’s season finale of the first season of Marvels Agents of Shield. His character was dead, or at least those were the rumors. It was believed to be a fact. No one ever questions if it was possible that he survived, other than before they found the first secret base. Of course, at the end of the season finale they have reached their new home, the second secret base of the season.
John Garrett is dead. The team viewers have come to know and love took down just another bad guy. In the process, one of their own was permanently injured and another exposed as a double agent. Of course, in reality he was just following orders. He never got the idea that he was doing something wrong. He was trained and practically brain washed into believing that John Garrett was the good guy with the plan to save the world. In reality, John Garrett only wanted to ruin the world as we know it. He wanted to take control of any and everything. If only Ward took action against Garrett as soon as Garrett started to show signs of losing it and going crazy.
Ward isn’t a bad guy at heart. That came out when he showed his feelings for Skye, as well as when he didn’t kill the dog in his flashbacks of his first few years with Garrett. He truly loves her, and that might be what saves him. He understands his love for her. He also thought his feeling of friendship towards the others was a weakness. In season two, hopefully he can be saved. They can help him take those feelings and realize they are real and a strength instead of a weakness. He can be saved, and hopefully that is what happens.
In the season finale, Skye’s father was told where his daughter is. Viewers know from throughout the season that bad things happened around Skye when her parents tried to find her in the past. There is something dark that is a part of her and surrounds her. In season two, the writers will run with this whole idea. They set it up to be a large part of season two in the season one finale. This may also be how they plan to turn Ward around. Ward really does love Skye, and they would be so adorable together if they can just teach Ward to open up to his true feelings and nature. It is in there somewhere. If something happens to Skye, Ward will want to help get her back. If she is simply in danger, Ward will do anything to save her. It could be what brings Ward back from the dark side.
Season one grew stronger as the season came to an end. Hopefully writers will keep hold of that strength and suspenseful writing in season two.

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