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Samuel L. Jackson blows up at news anchor: ‘I am NOT Laurence Fishburne!’

The only similarities between actors Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburne is that they are both considered top Hollywood actors and they are both black. KTLA news anchor Sam Rubin apparently had a tough time telling the two apart. According to the Hollywood Reporter on Feb. 10, Jackson had to remind the reporter that he was not Fishburne during an interview promoting his latest film, the remake of “RoboCop”.

Samuel L Jackson attends the GQ Men of the Year awards at The Royal Opera House on September 3, 2013 in London, England.
(Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

During the interview, Rubin asked Jackson about his recent Super Bowl commercial which sent the actor into a state of confusion just a moment before he ripped into the anchor, comparing him to people on Twitter.

“You’re as crazy as the people on Twitter! I am NOT Laurence Fishburne!”

Samuel L. Jackson then criticized the reporter for not knowing the difference between him and Fishburne, who the anchor was referring to. He then went on a rift about other famous black guys doing commercials.

“There’s more than one black guy doing commercials. I’m the ‘What’s in your wallet?’ black guy. He’s the car black guy. Morgan Freeman is the other credit card black guy. You only hear his voice, though, so you probably won’t confuse him with Laurence Fishburne.”

Although Jackson and Fishburne clearly don’t look alike, people other than Rubin have confused the two with one another, which is a reason for Jackson’s frustration. But the actor didn’t stop short of turning the mistake into a racial misconception.

“I’ve actually never done a McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. I know that’s surprising.”

Rubin did apologize and felt embarrassed about the mistake and claimed he was trying to ask Jackson about the “Captain America” ad during the Super Bowl, but completely under stood the “Pulp Fiction” star’s dismay and felt he was deserving of Samuel L. Jackson’s verbal beat down.

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