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Samsung unveils new smartwatches Gear II, Gear II Neo, and Samsung Fit

Tech savvy readers will be excited about Samsung's new smartwatch, which was unveiled February 23rd. The newest gadgets are an upgrade of Galaxy Gear, the original Samsung smartwatch. Their release comes just six months after the Galaxy Gear's debut. The two new versions are known as the Gear II and the Gear II Neo, and a third smartwatch, the Samsung Fit, is a fitness focused smartwatch. The look and feel of the new smartwatches have been tweaked from the Galaxy Gear to become a more sleek, seamless product. The new Samsung versions have a variety of new features that are sure to impress consumers.

Samsung released new smartwatches on February 23rd- the Gear II, Gear II Neo, and Samsung Fit.

Fitness buffs will love the heart and activity monitor of the Samsung Fit and other fitness related apps. The watch is a little more convenient for a quick trip to the gym or an evening run. Users can customize the device by adding stand alone apps and personalizing the face of the smartwatch. The Gear II also includes a camera as one of it's flagship features.

The most impressive feature of the new smartwatches is the new longer battery life- Samsung boasts the battery of the new smartwatches lasts for two to three days. This might seem like a short life for a watch battery, but in comparison to other smart devices, this is actually a pretty long time. Also, the original Galaxy Gear operated from a Google based OS, but this will not be the case with the latter editions. The new smartwatches will run off of Samsung's own operating system, Tizen. However, the newer equipment will still be compatible with Android phones, so users can still use the devices interchangeably as they had in the past.

Not to be outdone, Google is expected to release their version of a smartwatch next month, and the company plans to have the product available to the public by June 2014. It is also no surprise Apple is planning to release their "iWatch" later on in the year. The Apple version is still in the development stages, but that hasn't stopped techies and fashion critics from speculating on what form the product will take.

One thing is for sure...your jewelry just got a little smarter.

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