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Samsung’s Smart Watch Loses Weight

Every year at the Mobile World Congress, technology enthusiasts get excited about what new gadgets will be coming from the likes of Sony, HTC, Samsung, and many others. Well this year, Samsung has decided to introduce a new iteration to their Galaxy Gear smart watch lineup. Of course the flagship Galaxy Gear 2 was presented and it is an update of last year’s version. What was new to the world was the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit. There have been a slew of fitness watches to hit the market and Samsung was not about to miss out on a possible niche.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit-slide0

The Galaxy Gear Fit is a sleek watch with a much slimmer and curved 1.84-inch Super AMOLED screen than its flagship brethren. The touchscreen has 432 x 128 pixel resolution with smooth scrolling and a simple user interface that easy to use. The Gear Fit has a hear rate monitor, activity tracker, and a real-time “fitness coach” for that extra motivation. What is great is that it’s able to sync up with a user’s Galaxy phone to see calls or control music being played. Along with that, using the app on the Galaxy phone has features such as changing on the Gear Fit the wallpaper, different clock designs, and a device locator. At the MWC, Samsung was touting the fact that more apps will become available in the future.

This smart watch is meant to be a competitor for like of the Nike Fuel Band or the much maligned FitBit Force, but there are some rumblings of disappoint with the lack of features. There is not a GPS or sleep monitor that many die hard fitness watch wearers would like to have. Despite the lack of those features, the Gear Fit seems to be a good first installment in a future line of fitness smart watches for Samsung. No price has been determined for the Gear Fit but you can expect it to be at the top end of this market.

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