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Samsung’s 2014 Offering is Finally Out

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has evolved as a buzz word these days. This device is a latest technological offering which has gained soaring popularity in just a short span of time. Well, Samsung Note is not purely a phone but is basically a cross breed between any smart-phone, and a tablet. But, it certainly renders a much refined and a smarter option in numerous ways than a majority of phones in the market available today.

Undoubtedly, the best part of this device is that it provides smooth and convenient navigation along with a decently large enough screen which is quite enough to make life much simpler and convenient for you. This modern generation phone is not just a communication device but offers a one stop solution by also coupling up as your office, your work, your entertainer, your organizer, your data storage area, and much more. It features 2 GB internal RAM and 16 GB of on-board file storage. Not only that but but it also renders facility of extending memory up to 64 GB Micro SD card. The battery offered is exceptional on this phone which is a staggering figure of a 24% longer life span than its previous version along with being slightly lighter as well.

Ironically, Samsung Galaxy Note has been launched in the market for some time now still despite that there are a few hidden tips and features which people might not be aware of. Then off course, it can be also be a similar case with the people who might not be technology savvy or new to this gadget. Therefore, knowing a few tips beforehand can prove to be quite handy for a improved user experience.

Basic Tips

  • Changing Color Tone - Color tone can be easily altered according to your choice by visiting Settings - Display- Screen Mode. Now a list of three modes will be displayed including Dynamic, Natural and Standard.
  • Enabling Blocker Mode - In case you are looking to avoid any sort of a disturbance while you may be in a meeting or an important discussion then you can block the function that includes calls, timers, notifications, alarms and LED flash. This can be done by enabling the Blocker Mode and opting for such a setting for the desired duration of time.
  • Using Air View - The Air View is the probably the best feature offered by Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Now you need not touch the surface of your phone to activate functionalities or for preview of thumbnails. You just need to hover your stylus over the surface.

Screen Tips

  • Easy Mode - When the Note 3 is switched on then the option of Easy mode and Basic mode appears. The Easy mode represents the most commonly used apps, frequently used settings and contact. While the Basic mode is similar to a general set up consisting of various features and functionalities. To switch you can use the settings app.
  • Home Screens Management - A pinch gesture will zoom out to aid you in viewing all your home screens. This actually enables convenient selection of the home screens as to which screen to remove and in re-arranging the entire home screen view.
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