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Samsung makes big Twitter mistake: Wishes Landon Donovan luck on World Cup game

Samsung posting wishing Landon Donovan luck

Landon Donovan isn't playing at the World Cup on Sunday, but it appears that the electronics giant Samsung hasn't gotten the memo. In fact, Samsung probably has embarrassed themselves and reminded every fan of the World Cup how Landon Donovan does belong on the field especially during this big game against Portugal. According to USA Today on Sunday, Samsung made a grievous error on their Twitter account by wishing Landon Donovan and the US soccer team luck on their game today.

The message, completely with a futuristic picture of Landon Donovan seemed to be appropriate. Well, it might have been more appropriate if Donavan actually was invited to take the trip to Brazil and compete. However, thanks to his US coach (a good thanks or bad thanks is entirely up to you) the man who seemed to play flawlessly stayed home. The decision has been intensely debated by sports enthusiasts and after injuries on the team, the decision hasn't been appreciated by many fans who feel he belongs in Brazil.

Samsung isn't the first company to make a gaffe on Twitter by foolishly tweeting wrong details. Last week Delta Airlines put a picture of a giraffe with the country Ghana during the US versus Ghana game. It had people mocking the airlines for their lack of cultural understanding. And it also made fans realize the company was focused on an advertising campaign and really knew little about the sport.

As for Samsung, perhaps it was a subliminal message, but World Cup fans in the United States would have loved to see Landon Donovan on the field today. As a consolation prize, fans can still see Donovan futuristic commercial for Samsung that was released before Donovan was cut. The ad also featured Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Oscar, and a number of other World Cup stars. The cool ad reminds everyone that even Samsung was surprised at the decision of the US coach of leaving Landon Donovan at home.

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