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Samsung launches $13,000 curved OLED TV in Korea then globally in July

UK Daily Mail reports today, "Samsung has officially launched its first super-thin curved TV screen with a price tag of £8,500 ($13,000) - five times more than its flat-screen equivalents.

Samsung launches Curved OLED TV in Korea and then globally in July
Via Official Samsung Tomorrow page (Photos courtesy of Bluelogger)

The 55-inch model has a high-resolution OLED [short for organic light-emitting diode] display and its design means the screen is an equal distance from the viewer at all times.

It is now on sale in South Korea but Samsung told Reuters the set will be made available in other countries from July - the first time a curved TV of its kind has been sold outside of Asia."

While OLED TVs manufacturers like Samsung and LG would like consumers to solely focus on OLED TVs' technical advantages over LCD TVs like deeper black level, lighter, thinner, higher contrast ratio, etc, it is questionable if average consumers will be able and willing to justify paying the hefty $13,000 price tag for these "improvements". Given the expensive starting price, research firm DisplaySearch's global industry-wide sales forecast of OLED TVs at 50,000 for 2013 may be questionable. And then DisplaySearch's estimate of 600,000 for 2014 may seem an impossible goal because many mass production challenges still exist thus making it cost ineffective to manufacture smaller size OLED TVs.

One potential advantage of having a $13,000 TV for sale in stores is that the expensive $13,000 TV set will make a $2,900 or $3,400 TV look relatively "cheap" in comparison. This strategy may backfire if consumers simply delay their purchases and wait for the prices of OLED TVs to come down drastically. Buyers of TVs in recent years have witness prices of plasma, LCD, LED TVs have all dropped drastically and OLED TVs will be no exception.


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