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Samsung Galaxy S5 software update fixes fingerprint scanner

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On Monday morning, Samsung started rolling out an update for the much maligned fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5. If you haven't heard, the fingerprint scanner on Samsung's latest smartphone doesn't work as advertised. It works at about 60 percent of the time. In other words, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S5, it's easier to turn off the fingerprint scanner.

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The update not only fixes the fingerprint scanner, but also fixes some issues with the camera. Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera has generally received good reviews, there have been some who have complained about the camera lag. The update seems to fix that as well, although there will always be minimal lag with smartphone cameras.

The Galaxy S5 has received very good reviews, although most believe that an upgrade from the Galaxy S4 isn't completely necessary. Since going on sale on April 11, the Galaxy S5 has sold 25 million copies. Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones is now more popular than Apple's iPhone, at least in terms of worldwide sales. However, that may change soon.

Information about the iPhone 6 has just been released and the folks at Samsung have every reason to be nervous. Not only will the iPhone 6 have a 4.7-inch Sapphire Crystal screen, but it will use Apples amazing A8 chip. The reason why many people have stayed away from the iPhone is because the screen has been way too small at a time when customers want bigger screens.

It's important to note that the iPhone 5S has an excellent fingerprint scanner. It has worked for us 99 percent of the time, where the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 has only worked about 60 percent of the time. Furthermore, all one needs to do is touch the home button for a fingerprint read on the iPhone 5S. Unfortunately, on the Galaxy S5, one has to swipe their finger, which is a lot harder to do when operating the device with one hand.