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Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors go viral

On Saturday, it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come in two versions. Supposedly, one will come with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution 5.25-inch screen and the other will have a 1080p 2.5-inch screen. Both are said to carry the same plastic cases as previous versions. In addition, insiders are saying that there will be a retina eye scanner for security.

Will Samsung drastically improve the gimmicky Galaxy S4?
National Gadgets Examiner

We talked to Los Angeles Industry Analyst Paul Mueller, whose contributions to this column have usually been spot-on. He calls the rumors mostly laughable. "There is no way Samsung will get away with not having a metal backing for their next flagship phone. I haven't heard that there will be two versions, but if there are, you can bet one will be metallic," Mueller tells us. He also tells us that the retina eye security scanner is an absolute joke.

While some may smile at a 2560 x 1440 (560ppi) pixel resolution screen on the Galaxy S5, many believe that the extra pixels will largely go unnoticed on a 5.25-inch screen. The human eye can barely tell a difference between a 400dpi screen and a 560ppi screen. Samsung may run into the same problems they did with the Galaxy S4 in terms of gimmicky features that don't improve the user experience.

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