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Samsung Galaxy S5 gets an early release in Los Angeles

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a solid smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S5 is a solid smartphone
LA Gadgets Examiner

On Thursday afternoon, we found two Sprint stores and three T-Mobile stores in the Los Angeles area that are now selling the Samsung Galaxy S5 ahead of its street date on Friday morning. We assured the managers we wouldn't say which exact stores are doing this. However, if you are heading towards the southern part of San Fernando Valley, you might want to check some stores.

We are in the final stages of reviewing the Galaxy S5 and should have our final review posted tomorrow. However, other sites have given the phone excellent reviews. Most of the reviews believe that even though the Galaxy S5 isn't anything groundbreaking, it's subtle changes are enough for almost perfect ratings.

CNET gave the Galaxy S5 a 4 1/2 star rating and said it excelled at everything that matters. Anand Lal Shimpi of AnandTech says that the Galaxy S5 is clear evolution of the Galaxy S3 and S4, but made more mature. Lal Shimpi, like others, suggests that the screen on the Galaxy S5 is "impossibly beautiful." says that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is America's best-performing smartphone, bringing excellent voice quality, a terrific camera, speedy performance, and the best screen seen on a handheld yet.

Some stores are opening early Friday morning to sell the Galaxy S5. However, we hear that there is plenty of stock available for the smartphone on all carriers, so there is no need to skip work. When you eventually do get your hands on the Galaxy S5, you will own the most advanced smartphone available.

Should you upgrade to the Galaxy S5 if you have the Galaxy S4? We would have to say that if your pockets don't suffer too much, you should. But what about the Galaxy Note 3? Is it worth upgrading to the Galaxy S5 if you own the world's best phablet? We would have to say probably not. You can read our full review and thoughts about upgrades this coming weekend.