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Samsung Galaxy S5: Best deals and hands-on review

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As new rumors emerged about a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini on May 30, the price of the regular-sized Samsung Galaxy S5 is beginning to decrease. Check this article for the S5 Mini rumor. For best prices on the regular-sized Galaxy S5 with 5-inch screen, check the local Verizon stores and Verizon offers this deal now on the Samsung Galaxy S5: with $100 instant savings, a $50 mail-in rebate, and a new 2-year contract for Verizon service, a new Samsung Galaxy S5 costs $99.99.

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The second best deal we found was at Best Buy, where the Samsung Galaxy S5 now costs $149.99. Compare that to AT&T and Target where the S5 costs $199.99. It's also worth noting that the no-contract version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 costs $599 at most locations. You can also get that no-contract version of the S5 for $585 from Amazon or Ebay.

Hands-on overview: During our hands-on review we discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone is fun to use: responsive, quick, bright and with really decent battery life. The phone looks very nice, too. Its larger-than-iPhone screen is nice for reading Internet websites. The photos it takes look really decent. The phone's weight feels light in hand especially considering the size of the screen.

Battery life: During a recent one-hour conference call the demo Samsung Galaxy S5 used 8% of the battery. Sound quality was good. The mute button and speaker button were easy to find and use. As a general rule, during our trial, a normal day's use did not exhaust the battery.

Water resistant: It's a bonus that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is water resistant. While no one is recommending that you take it scuba diving or even snorkeling, it's refreshing that this phone is equipped to handle a little water. The closure over the plug location is easy to snap into place and easy to open.