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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to blow competition out of water

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is currently the best smartphone on the market.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is currently the best smartphone on the market.
Photo courtesy of LA Gadgets Examiner, used with permission.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles Industry Analyst Paul Mueller, who contributes frequently to this column, revealed the likely details of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Needless to say, this new phablet will blow competition out of the water and will continue to help Samsung remain the leader of the smartphone industry.

Samsung is about to make some major improvements to the already excellent Galaxy Note 3.
Photo courtesty of LA Gadgets Examiner, used with permission.

If you thought the 1080p screen on the Galaxy Note 3 was remarkable, wait until you see the 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution screen on the Galaxy Note 4. The screen will also be 15 percent brighter (if that's possible) and will be the have a curved display that will be flat, but curve off at the edges so that there is no visible bezel. The notifications will allegedly appear where the screen curves. Mueller doesn't know the exact screen size of the Galaxy Note 4, but some believe it will decrease from 5.7 inches to 5.5 inches.

The Galaxy Note 3 will also likely have a 20MP camera that even blows the 16MP camera on the Galaxy S5 out of the water. The camera will be able to take 4K videos like the Galaxy Note 3, but will offer image stabilization in this mode. There will be a 5MP front-facing camera as well for those who love taking selfies.

The S-Pen features will also be improved. Writing will be smoother and will integrate easier with other apps. Supposedly, Samsung is working with Microsoft to make the Galaxy Note 4 fully compatible with Microsoft's OneNote software. Currently, the OneNote support on the Galaxy Note 3 is very limited. S-Pen features will also be more compatible with Evernote, the most popular note-taking software currently available.

Mueller wasn't able to find out if the back, which currently consists of faux leather, will be different. "According to market research, most Galaxy Note 3 owners actually like the faux leather build, so it is doubtful Samsung will change that. Why fix something that isn't broken?" Mueller asks. The Galaxy Note 4 will likely come in more colors that the Galaxy Note 3, which had limited color options.

More details on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be released soon. Keep reading this column for the latest details. In the mean time, enjoy our slideshow (above) of the Galaxy Note 3.

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