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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best smartphone of 2013

On Friday, Samsung made the Wireless Charger S View Flip Cover available for purchase for $70. It sounds like a great deal, but the battery life on the Galaxy Note 3 is so good, that most people won't need a cover that recharges the phone.

Samsung set a new standard in smartphones with the Galaxy Note 3.
Samsung set a new standard in smartphones with the Galaxy Note 3.
National Gadgets Examiner
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
National Gadgets Examiner

In fact, everything about the Galaxy Note 3 screams "Buy me!" Not only does it win our choice for the best smartphone of the year, but it's possibly the most useful pocketable device to ever hit the planet. Even though it is 5.7 inches tall, it is very lightweight and easy to use as both a phone and a tablet.

The 1080p (386ppi) pixel resolution screen is the most beautiful we have ever seen of a device. Samsung has always made amazing screens, but they have easily outdone themselves with this one. Best of all, it is easily viewable in the daylight. Watching videos or viewing pictures on the Galaxy Note 3 is an absolute delight.

The S-Pen factor is what makes this phone truly stand out from the others. Samsung has improved the pen and the digitizer to give you a lifelike note-taking experience. Who needs a piece of paper anymore when you can write notes clearly in your own handwriting and easily search for what you wrote?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also the first consumer smartphone that takes 4K videos. Once you play videos taken with the Note 3 on an actual 4K device, your senses are blown away by the picture-perfect beauty of the videos. You can also take 13MP still photos that can be nice, but not comparable to a SLR digital camera.

In 2012, Samsung raised the bar with the Galaxy Note 2. In 2013, they blew the bar out of the planet with the Galaxy Note. 3. We can hardly wait to see how the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 blows away our senses.

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