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Samsung continues to move away from Android with its first Tizen smartphone

Samsung Z Tizen Smartphone
Samsung Z Tizen Smartphone
Samsung Press Release Kit

Samsung has made it clear in the past that eventually they want to escape the world of Android, and to facilitate this move they have been working on their own mobile operating system (Tizen) for quite some time, and now the tech giant believes Tizen is ready for prime time. A report released today June 2 by the South Korean company shows their first ever Tizen based smartphone, the Samsung Z in all of its glory.

The Samsung Z is not the first device to be using the Tizen operating system. Earlier this year Samsung released their new line of Galaxy Gear smartwatches (the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit), and they they were all running the in-house mobile OS, but the Samsung Z will be the first smartphone to be utilizing the new code. Tizen has been produced jointly with Intel, and both companies believe that they can rival both Google and Qualcomm in the mobile arena with this new software.

The Samsung Z would be considered a medium range device in the Android world, but of course it's king of the castle when it comes to Tizen. The smartphone features a 720p HD, AMOLED display, with a quad-core processor. The processor is likely to based on the new Intel ''Moorefield'' architecture. The processor is paired with 2Gb of RAM, 16GB of internal storage space, a 8-megapixel camera, and of course a heart rate sensor and fingerprint scanner. The new device will also be compatible with LTE networks.

The Tizen OS looks very similar to recent versions of Samsung's TouchWhiz Android skin, so if you do not like how TouchWhiz appears on Android devices, you probably will not care for Tizen too much. Samsung wants to break away from Google and Android because they believe they are being held back by Google, in fact just a few months ago, Google asked Samsung to stop modifying Android so much, despite Android being completely open-source in nature.

Whether or not Samsung can break away from Android entirely remains to be seen, but the South Korean tech giant certainly seems to be trying its hardest to do so. As with any new mobile operating system, Tizen will have a hard time competing with both Android, and iOS, and even Windows Phone simply because their is a lack of third party app support. Samsung's new Samsung Z will be released on June 3 at the company's Tizen developer conference in San Francisco. The Samsung Z will be made available to consumers in Russia first, with many other countries following shortly after.

Source: Samsung

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