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Samsung announces WB2200F premium compact

The WB2200F.
The WB2200F.

Samsung has just announced its latest high-end point and shoot superzoom: the WB2200F, which includes a photographic first: the first point and shoot to feature dual grips for both horizontal and vertical shooting, a feature previously exclusive to professional grade dSLRs.

So, what of the new camera?

If there is any single feature that makes the WB2200F stand out from the crowd, it's the dual grips, which allow for comfortable shooting in both portrait and landscape orientation. To date, this is a feature only seen on professional-grade dSLRs like the Canon EOS 1 series and Nikon D# line. Lesser cameras can add this feature by way of an add-on vertical battery grip.

Headline feature aside, there's a lot more to like about Samsung's new camera. First of all, there's the zooming capability, which offers a 60x zoom ranging from a 20-1200mm film equivalent. For people not familiar with millimeters in terns o photographic lenses, 1200mm is in astronomical telescope range, hence a lot of zoom. Another feature sure to please: an electronic viewfinder, which is ideal for shooting in bright light as its shielded design is impervious to light, no matter how bright it is. Additionally, the camera is NFC and wi-fi capable, too.

Want one yet? Unfortunately, pricing and availability are both still TBA.

For more info:
Press release

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