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Samsung announces NX30, Galaxy Camera 2 pricing, availability

The NX30.
The NX30.

Earlier this year in the run-up to CES 2014, Samsung announced two new cameras, the NX30 interchangeable lens mirrorless and the smartphone-inspired Galaxy Camera 2. Unfortunately, two important details were missing from the press release: price and availability.

Well, no more!

Samsung has just announced the prices and ship dates for these upcoming releases. For anyone looking to buy the NX30, it will be hitting stores any day now for $1000, which is a $100 savings over its predecessor, the NX20. The Galaxy 2? It will ship next month for $450, its price unchanged from the original.

AS for the cameras themselves, Samsung bills the NX30, a mirrorless, SLR-like camera, as the top-tier model of its NX line. As for features, the chip is a 20Mp APS-C sensor that is borrowed from the NX300. A more interesting, first of its kind feature is the viewfinder, which can tilt up to 80 degrees. For people who dislike shooting via LCD screen, this can be ideal as, thanks to its shielded nature, a tilting viewfinder is immune from sun glare that can render LCDs virtually useless in bright light.

Other features that are sure to please: 9 fps in continuous drive, a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 sec, a built-in flash (which can also wirelessly control Samsung's new SEF-580A add-on flash), full 1080p video at 60fps, uncompressed 30p output over HDMI, enhanced wi-fi connectivity, and the ability to have its LCD screen act as a remote monitor.

As for the Galaxy Camera 2, it's main draw is the fact that it is essentially an Android-powered Galaxy smartphone that sacrifices the ability to make calls for a huge zoom lens.

Needless to say, this news is sure to make a lot of people happy, especially considering that the tax refunds are starting to hit mailboxes all across the country.

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