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Sampler's are a great way to hear new music without a full commitment.

Now Hear This Winter 2010 Sampler
Now Hear This Winter 2010 Sampler

Now Hear This Winter 2010 music sampler is an excellent source for up and coming Christian music, and for only $1.99 at some Christian bookstores and $2.49 on I tunes, it won't break the bank to find some fresh, new artists.

The sampler starts off strong with a single called "The Golden Rule," by Above the Golden State, a group from Portland, Oregon who's pop-rock infused beats and early Switchfoot-esque harmonies blend together to form a catchy, fun opener.

Other stand-outs on the CD are the Letter Black, who's single "Best of Me," is currently getting a lot of airplay on Christian radio stations. Signed to legendary Christian punk/rock label Tooth & Nail, The Letter Black boasts female lead singer, Sarah Anthony, who's voice sounds like a mix of Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch. Her clear, confident, and sincere vocals blend well with the guitars and drums on this single. Next, Echoes the Fall's contribution of "Here to Stay" reminds one of a blend of Alien Ant Farm and Pillar, with rolling drum beats and great lyrics.

All in all, Now Hear This is a nice mix of Christian pop, punk, rock, and worship that has something for everyone.  And in an age where we buy and download singles, not whole CD's, to upload onto our IPods and MP3 players, Now Hear This does the leg work for us and puts a good mix of music on one CD. All that's left for you to do is hit upload.