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Sample questions to ask an employer during an interview

Asking questions in an interview

When the employer asks if you have any questions, this indicates that the interview is almost over and he or she wants to find out what you are interested in knowing about the company.

• Keep questions brief and watch for non-verbal signals from the employer that it is time to end the interview.
•Be confident but not demanding or self-seeking.
•Show that you have listened to the employer and that you have already researched the company.

Sample questions to ask at an employment interview:
These questions should be asked, if not previously raised in the interview.

1•I'd be interested in learning more about (some aspect of the company's operations).
2•What are the main duties of the position?
3•What characteristics do you look for in people doing this job?
4•How do you see the future for this industry?
5•What are the most immediate challenges of the position that need to be addressed in the first three months?
6•What opportunities are there for advancement?
7•Does your company have branches elsewhere?
8•Do you have any plan for expansion?
9•What area does your market cover?
10•What kind of training does the company offer to new employees?
11•What are the workplace expectations? i.e. work habits, dress code, uniforms, work hours, shift work, overtime, etc.
12•How many workers does the company have?
13•Can you give me some examples of the best results previous workers in this position have achieved?
14•Does the company have an organizational chart? And where does this position fit?
15•Will I be working independently or as part of a team?
16•How much travel is required?
17•When can I contact you/expect to hear from you about the interview results? OR When do you plan to make your hiring decision?
Seen at one stop career center.

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