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Same-sex marriages recognized in Michigan

The marriages of same-sex couples in Michigan were officially recognized by the federal government on Friday.

The AP reported that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder extended such recognition to roughly 300 such couples who were married in the state.

This recognition will allow the couples to be eligible for federal benefits such as Social Security and legal immigration status.

Two days earlier, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder stated that the marriages were legal although his state would not recognize them. However, he is not surprised by Holder’s decision because of his previous action in Utah in January, where over 1,000 same-sex couples were married a month earlier.

"I'm sure we'll get a number of questions that we'll need to sort out about between the interrelationship of state and federal law,” Snyder said.

The Washington Post reported that six members of Michigan’s Congress, all of whom are Democrats, had written to Holder, asking him to recognize the marriages. None of Michigan’s Republicans made a similar request.

“Last June’s decision by the Supreme Court was . . . a victory for equal protection under the law and a historic step toward equality for all American families,” Holder said Friday, referring to the case of United States v. Windsor, which ruled that same-sex marriages are to be treated equally. “The Department of Justice continues to work with its federal partners to implement this decision across the government.”

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