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Same sex marriage halfway home

If 50% of Americans support same sex marriage that is halfway. 41% say that it is not OK. The Constitution guarantees equality for all. Getting the definition of marriage correct, or making the definition equal with civil partnerships will produce more unanimity.

Chit Chat at the Washington Post

People with religious beliefs and hangups will always persist at something like 25% of the population. The rest will favor separation of church from state to get on with it.

Chit chatty stories like the one in the Washington Post today just keep the issue alive, and perhaps give the pursuit of equality a little more momentum.

Don’t you wonder what people who are anti-gay find themselves aligned with Vladimir Putin and the Russians?

The right wing sometimes goes so far that it reaches the other side of freedom and the polar opposite for which it stands.

“Support for same-sex marriage hits new high; half say Constitution guarantees right

By Peyton M. Craighill and Scott Clement, Wednesday, March 5, 12:00 AM E-mail the writers
Half of all Americans believe that gay men and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll in which a large majority also said businesses should not be able to deny serving gays for religious reasons.

Fifty percent say the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of equal protection gives gays the right to marry, while 41 percent say it does not.

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