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SAME Cafe, the first non profit restaurant to serves hundreds of people in need

Eating fresh organic food is something we all should include into our diets but can't always afford to do. Libby and Brady Birky know this which is why they opened up the SAME Cafe in Denver, CO.


After years of volunteering in soup kitchens, Libby and Brady took the concept of providing nutritious healthy food to every and anyone and created SAME (So All May Eat) Cafe. At SAME Cafe all the menu items are created with fresh organic ingredients culled from local farms and then prepared by the volunteer kitchen staff.

Because their mission is to make healthy food that is available to everyone who comes into the cafe, the cafe is a non profit restaurant. Patrons come in and pay what they can afford for a meal or choose to volunteer in the kitchen. With this innovative feed the people concept SAME Cafe has managed to feed over 90,000 people healthy organic meals since every day since it opened.

Naked Juice, makers of fruit juice and smoothies and powered by Tongal, the social media platform that give creative people the freedom to do their best work bring to you Libby and Brady's story. To learn more just click the video attached or visit the Naked Juice channel on YouTube by clicking here.

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