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Sambalatte cafe

Iced juice with edible flower
Iced juice with edible flower
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If there is a hankering for caffeine but not for the usual coffeehouse that hugs every street corner, then try Sambalatte Torrefazionne. Sambalatte is a unique taste experience that is spreading across the Vegas valley and has three locations; at the Monte Carlo Casino & Hotel located on the Vegas strip, Boca Park, and the most recent, Jones Blvd.

With a desire to protect the planet, this cozy establishment brews beans that has traceability from the harvest until it's arrival at its shops. The focus on quality and taste is what drives this business, using an array of local artisan roasted blends, roated weekly from Brazil and throughout the world.

The mission at Sambalatte is to deliver the best coffee experience possible and that every cup of coffee tasted tomorrow shoud be better than the coffee you had yesterday. With that in mind, Sambalatte is an eco-concious business that is green, eco-friendly, sustainable, organic, local and hosts a sturdy recycling program.

As a first time visitor, one of the first things noticed is the earthiness of the coffeehouse. The atmosphere is organic with wood, slats as the tabletop. The colors represent the different stages of the coffee beans, from flowering to roasting, allowing the indulgence in the aromatic, palatable, and visual senses.

A "Theatre of Coffee", a coffee lab from which to choose your flavors, houses The Steampunk Coffee Maker, a machine designed to blend the perfect cup of coffee every time and incorporates new technologies into brewing machines that reflects industrial design from the past and present. If one decides to order a frothy mixture there is what the staff likes to call, "Art Latte", a special design in the froth.

Options such as the Iced Green Peppermint Tea, Pour Over Brewed Coffee, Iced Yerba Matte, Granitas, Afogato, and Aeropress truly make Sambalatte an experience to remember.

To complement your coffee(or tea),there are delicious treats available, like Apple Turnovers, Almond Triangles, Carrot Muffins(great option for breakfast) and much more, or if something fruity is more preferred try out the satisfying smoothies as well.

Sambalatte likens to an exotic getaway to Brazil with its relaxing samba beats taking you away as you enjoy your light fare and it is recommended that anyone try it.

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