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Samatha Power urged to help declare Pakistan terrorist state, free Balochistan

AFB urges Samantha Power to act on Balochistan as mass grave found.
AFB urges Samantha Power to act on Balochistan as mass grave found.
The Washington Post

The pro-indepedence American Friends of Balochistan has urged the U.S. representative to the United Nations to take serious notice of the uearthing of a mass grave of Baloch freedom activists in Balochistan and urged her to help the Baloch people win their freedom and declare Pakistan a terrorist state.

The A.F.B., that advocates Martin Luther King's philosophy of non-violence, in a Press statement on Monday said it likes to bring to the notice Ambassador Samantha Power the discovery of a mass grave of Baloch freedom activists in the Tootak area of Khuzdar district in Balochistan Saturday.

Pakistani officials have confirmed the mass grave has at least 15 bodies, while the highest local official fears the number of victims could be much higher than this.

Pakistan is committing a tsunami of human rights violations in Balochistan, including pursuing Hitler’s policy of Night and Fog, generally known in U.N. parlance as enforced disappearances. Amnesty International has also accused Pakistan of pursuing what it called kill and dump policy in Balochistan for more than three years now.

Balochistan is today the world capital of enforced disappearances.

Pakistan’s brutal policies in Balochistan present an omnibus violation of the Geneva conventions, U.N. Charter of Human Rights, and the Law of the War.

It is true that overwhelming majority of the Baloch peoples national desire is to secede from Balochistan, but this does not give Pakistan a license to commit genocide of Baloch people there.

Those responsible for carrying out the human rights violations are Pakistan’s army, Frontier Corps, Military Intelligence and the infamous Inter-Services Intelligence.

The Patrick-Leahy Amendment bars the U.S. government from doing business with any unit of a foreign military that violates human rights. It is disconcerting the sanctions under the law has so far not been applied on the Pakistan’s Frontier Corps, Military Intelligence and Inter Services Intelligence, who are responsible for mass executions and burials in Balochistan.

We are pained to note that the $1.6 billion in military aid to Pakistan, suspended after Pakistan army generals sheltered Osama bin Laden, was restored few months back. This military aid will mainly be used against the hapless Baloch people in Balochistan. It will also endanger American lives in the long haul.

It is disconcerting to note the U.S. was engaged in ministerial level talks with Pakistan in Washington DC in stead of clamping sanctions on China's main ally in South Asia for the atrocities on Balochistan.

The mass grave was not the only horrific news from Balochistan.

On January 7, 2014 a 10-year-old Baloch boy named Chakar Baloch was abducted by the Pakistan army from the town of Turbat. On January 10, his bullet riddled body was found from the embankment of river Kech Kaur. His fault was his eldest brother Zaman Khuda Dost was a member of the pro-independence Baloch National Movement.

On Friday, Pakistan military carried out a massive military operation in Panjgur and Mastung against the Baloch freedom activists. Four people were killed and as many as 25 were forcibly disappeared by the Pakistani military. Baloch media sources have alleged the use of poison gas in the Panjgur operation.

The A.F.B. said as Ambassador Power has been one of the world’s leading intellectuals and writers against genocide, now is the time for her to raise a voice against Pakistan’s state terrorism, brutal atrocities and genocide in Balochistan and get Pakistan designated as a terrorist state. What is happening in Balochistan, clearly puts Pakistan in the category of terrorist states.

For nearly 66 years now, Baloch have suffered under Pakistani military occupation. Balochistan was annexed by Pakistan on March 27, 1948 against the wishes of the Baloch people. The Baloch people need the help of the U.S. and the Free World for their freedom and to stop Pakistan’s war crimes and crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

Baloch people seek U.S. and U.N. intervention in Balochistan to protect and defend their basic right to life and pursuit of happiness.

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