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Samantha Harris cancer: Host's breast cancer still in node, chemo to stop spread

Samantha Harris having breast cancer stunned the world when the news was revealed earlier this year, and despite having had a double mastectomy, it appears that the cancer is still present in one node. KLTV News reports this Monday, June 23, that the former “Dancing with the Stars” host will likely be undergoing chemo (chemotherapy treatment) in the near future to help stop it from spreading further. The beautiful TV personality is still staying strong and positive, and is thanking fans for their continual support through this difficult time.

Samantha Harris has cancer back, staying strong
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Despite undergoing a double mastectomy this May 2014, the Samantha Harris cancer scare still isn’t over. It is believed that Harris will soon begin chemo treatment to help beat any remaining cancer cells in her body, as it was unfortunately confirmed that the breast cancer had spread to her lymph nodes shortly after her surgery procedure.

"When I came to in recovery, my surgeon was standing over me with a look of sadness and told me that he had to take out all of my lymph nodes,” said Samantha in a recent interview with People Magazine.

During a self-examination in the fall of 2013, Samantha Harris was said to have felt a lump on her right breast. She soon decided to visit a breast cancer specialist, and the former “DWTS” host sadly learned that she had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. In a brave decision, Harris opted to have a double mastectomy — the surgical removal of breast tissue — in an attempt to stop it from spreading.

Yet during the arduous procedure, ABC 7 reports that the cancer had already spread beyond the area of Samantha’s breasts. Surgeons and doctors suspected that it may have reached her lymph nodes, so more medical testing was conducted. Less than a week later, the TV personality fortunately received word of a silver lining amidst the difficult report.

"A few days later I got some good news. Thankfully, only one node was positive. Unfortunately, that usually means chemo," the former host revealed.

Since learning of the Samantha Harris cancer battle, fans have reached out to the “DWTS” star in support; Harris herself said that other women have been inspirational in fighting against cancer — and winning. Chemo may have to be the next step in stopping its spread, but if it will save her life, that’s a choice the strong-willed woman is more than ready to make.

"I am scared by the prospect of chemo, but I know so many inspiring women who have gone through it and, as they told me, 'rocked it," she continued. "If I need it, I will take a deep breath and readjust my focus … Stay positive. When life deals you lemons, you gotta make lemonade!"

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