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Samantha Harris cancer: Actress may need chemo after cancer has returned

Samantha Harris
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

News is out that Samantha Harris's cancer has returned. People shared the news that she is speaking out to her fans and letting them know what is going on with her. She recently had a double mastectomy but it was just not enough. She had the surgery in May. Most fans know her from being on "Dancing With the Stars" as a co-host.

Samantha spoke out saying, "When I came to in recovery, my surgeon was standing over me with a look of sadness and told me that he had to take out all of my lymph nodes." Only one node was positive which is a good thing but she will now have to go through chemo to hopefully get rid of the rest of it. It was just five weeks ago that she had her big surgery.

She recently spoke out saying, "I am scared by the prospect of chemo, but I know so many inspiring women who have gone through it and, as they told me, 'rocked it.' If I need it, I will take a deep breath and readjust my focus." She is feeling hopeful at this time and trying to stay very positive. They will be doing chemo and hopefully next she will have news that the chemo has worked and the cancer is all gone.

Samantha has been on Twitter this week sharing things and even said that she has been working out. She is not back full force but she is now working out again. Samantha Harris shared that she can't do push-ups yet but that is not keeping her out of the gym. It is great to see her living her life and fighting this cancer. She is very determined to beat it. Samantha Harris is an inspiration to her fans and also to cancer fighters everywhere.

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