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Samantha Daniels's dating app will change the way you online date

High-profile matchmaker Samantha Daniels has created a app called The Dating Lounge, that works in conjunction with Facebook, and it will force you to re-think how you online date. Daniels has been in the matchmaking business for over 13 years. She is a former divorce attorney and now a matchmaker for high-profile people and celebrities. A popular show called Miss Match starring Alicia Silverstone was is based on her life. Most recently she's worked as a spokesperson for Petco, and writes for the Huffington Post.

Samantha Daniels is a more than accomplished professional matchmaker. She's been responsible for the marriage of over 250 clients, and the substantial relationship of thousands. She is certainly someone who knows what she is talking about. Her company is called Samantha's Table and you can check out her website here:

She's also written a popular book, which she described to me as "Sex and the City meets Bridget Jones." You can take a look here: (It's very highly rated on Amazon).

So now you know all about Samantha, let's take a look at the app she created. It's different than your regular online dating website in a few key ways.

1. The Dating Lounge connected to Facebook, much like Tinder, so it can use your real life information. Samantha told me that she often listened to people complain about the accuracy of online profiles, this method makes it harder for members to hide behind old pictures or out-dated information.

2. It's an invite only service. Every member is invited by invitation and then given ten invites to give out. This way, you may be more likely to meet a friend of a friend, which you might feel more comfortable going out with. If you can't afford to be a member of Samantha's Table, or even an expensive online dating website, this is your change to join a well-crafted app, designed to fix the main issues with online dating by a professional matchmaker.

3. There is mutual friend technology, it allows you to see if someone you are looking at has mutual friends with you, and if so, you can ask them to connect you. The service will send an email out to the mutual friend automatically, and if they accept, you and the person you are interested in will be automatically connected via email.

4. And finally, Samantha Daniels technology to see if someone is married. The website will not allow a married person, if marked so on Facebook, to join the website.

Right now the app is free, Samantha Daniels plans to broaden that to a free General Membership and a paid VIP Membership that will give members access to a greater pool of daters. Interested in checking it out? Take a look:

The Dating Lounge is something that can be easily built into your social media use, and has a much different feel than something like OK Cupid. It's thought out and designed to help those looking for love, find it more easily. Samantha Daniels has listened to the problems her clients have with online dating and worked to create something that addresses their concerns. She hopes there will be less 'waste oft time' dates because users will have a more accurate idea of who someone is before they go out with them.

I asked Samantha if she thought dating apps like The Dating Lounge were good ways to find Valentine's Day dates, she thinks that there is too much pressure put on the holiday, but hopes it inspires people to get out there and start dating. She shared some advice her Grandmother told to her: "If you get invited go, because you never know who you are going to meet."

If you would like to look at her Huffington Post articles, take a look here:

Samantha Daniels is one of the foremost professional matchmakers and she has created an amazing tool with The Dating Lounge. Be sure to check out The Dating Lounge this month, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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