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Sam Worthington: the newest (movie) poster child


Ever since San Diego Comic Con last July, I've been seeing Sam Worthington's face everywhere.  Albeit, his face was blue and sprinkled with what looked like beautiful, starry acne, but it was his face nonetheless.  A couple months before, I had the privilege of seeing his work for the first time in Terminator: Salvation.  Some would say (coughangryfanboyscough) that Worthington was the only good thing about McG's off-take on Cameron's classic.  Though I don't agree 100% with that opinion (I'm easily entertained), I do agree that he was the best part of the movie.  You know you are witnessing something special when an actor can steal a scene from the infamous Christan Bale, not to mention take a less than desired screenplay, with minimal character development, and still allow you to shed one tiny (and embarrassing) tear for his doomed, half-human, half-cyborg Marcus Wright.  Now that's acting, people.  And that was only the beginning of Mr. Worthington's wildly unexpected, Hollywood ride.

Now that Avatar has passed the $1 billion mark in box office numbers and has courted a drooling China out of $4.8 million on its opening day, Sam Worthington is quickly becoming Hollywood's newest and brightest rising star.  As Worthington admitted himself in a recent interview, it's really only downhill after working with James Cameron.  Of course, downhill for Worthington includes the upcoming Last Night, where he will star opposite Keira Knightley and Eva Mendes and of course, the highly anticipated remake of Clash of the Titans, where he will star as the demigod Perseus.  Worthington's downhill looks suspiciously like a steep incline, at least to us mere mortals.  Beyond Clash, Worthington has been attached to several other projects, including a remake of The Candidate that Summit Entertainment has bought the rights to. 

So, if you haven't started brainstorming the layout for your new Sam Worthington alter of worship, now would be the time to start.  If that's a little too much work for you, check out JoBlo's interview with the adorable Aussie or head over to Moviefone's Unscripted with him and Avatar co-star, Zoe Saldana.  If this interview doesn't cement your love and affection for this upcoming star, I'll paint myself blue and start walking around the Amazon with a bow and arrow.  No kidding.



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