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Sam Smith on homosexuality: 'Let's make it a normality'

Sam Smith performs at 'The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show' at Z100 Studio on June 17, 2014 in New York City
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

British singer Sam Smith has hit the music world by storm. His hit single "Stay With Me" continues to dominate radio waves and the charts. Smith's cover of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" has made fans out of people who weren't familiar with his name or voice before. With success, however, comes a glimpse into Smith's personal life. As an openly gay singer, Smith wants to be seen as just a singer, but offered advice in an interview Friday to those who are gay and are debating coming out publicly.

Smith has been touring and promoting his debut album "In The Lonely Hour" released last week. The album as soared to No. 2 on Billboard after its first week with 166,000 copies sold. As his music becomes more and more popular, Smith doesn't want his sexuality to define who he is as an artist. After coming out publicly a few weeks ago, Smith wants to remain focused on delivering the message of his music. He never saw his sexuality as a big deal. He says, "It's actually tough for me sometimes to put myself in that mindset, because it has just been such a normality for me."

The "Stay With Me" singer has seemingly become more popular since coming out, but it may have to do more with the message of his songs rather than who he's referring to in the songs. He is able to still express the lyrics in a universal style that has music listeners of any sexual orientation relating and understanding his emotion. But that is not stopping Smith from delivering a message to those who are struggling with his sexuality.

He offered some coming out advice in his interview with Fresh 102.7. The soulful singer told the Jim & Kim Morning Show, "I would say 'just be yourself. Just be yourself. Don't make it an issue...Let's make it a normality. To make it equal, we need to act equal. Everything just needs to focus on themselves as individuals and do what makes them happy - and be brave."

Smith's debut album, which is about unrequited love, contains music he feels can help his listeners because of the place he is singing from. The love that wasn't returned from the guy he fell in love with last year, is the love he turned inwards and therefore has helped him heal internally and more expressive as an artist.

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