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Sam Smith debuts 'I'm Not the Only One' music video

Sam Smith is at it once again, he continues to dominate the music world, one song at a time. Today he debuted his newest music video for the soulful song “I’m Not the Only One” which features actress Dianna Agron. Smith is known for creating music filled with emotion and soul; “I’m Not the Only One” is no different.

Sam Smith
Photo by Frazer Harrison

The entire music video is centered around Dianna Agron’s strained marriage, where her husband is actually cheating on her. In the beginning of the video Agron play dutiful housewife seeing her husband off to work, making him a nice breakfast only for her husband to be curt and unwelcoming. She attempts to keep the presence of a perfect “Stepford-esque” marriage only to decide on some good ole fashioned revenge.

After an emotion filled morning, Agron’s character goes to the nearest gas station and gets the revenge essentials, a bottle of wine, some lighter fluid, and matches, successfully burning some of her husband’s belongings while he is in the middle of having an affair.
However, at the end of the day when her husband comes home she pulls herself together to continue the Stepford wife charade for her cheating husband.

From start to finish this is a wonderfully made music video from the incredibly acting Dianna Agron brings to the soul stirring music that Sam Smith provides. Of course, Dianna Agron is no rookie when it comes to music videos; you may remember her from the video “"Just Another Girl" by The Killers as well her music video directorial debut in “Body" by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down.

The music world continues to be blown away by the unbelievable hits that In the Lonely Hour is producing. From “Stay With Me,” to “Latch” and “Leave Your Lover,” this album has a song for every emotion and situation.Make sure to check out Sam Smith’s newest music video “I’m Not the Only One” featuring the lovely Dianna Agron.

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