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Sam Riggs and The Night People-Outrun The Sun

Outrun The Sun-Sam Riggs and The Night People
Outrun The Sun-Sam Riggs and The Night People
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Texas-based Country band Sam Riggs and The Night People are making noise with their debut album Outrun The Sun. Released on October 29th, the album features 11 stand-out tracks including “Come Back Down” and “Hold On And Let Go”. Recorded at The Panhandle House in Denton, Texas, Outrun The Sun was a collaborative effort between Guitarist/Vocalist Sam Riggs and longtime friend and fellow Drummer Chad Camp. “He played drums for me long before we formed Sam Riggs and The Night People. Over the years we’ve become best friends that just so happen to play music together, “Sam Riggs explains, “I wrote all of the tunes on the album and co-wrote four of them with Chad.”

Recently, the band received much recognition and airplay when their first debut single “When The Lights Go Out” climbed the charts at #1 on CMT’s Pure 12-Pack in August of 2013. “I was excited that people felt the same way about the song that I do,” Riggs recalls, “I put a lot into my songs and I’m beyond grateful to see people reacting the same way.” The lyrics contained within the track are based upon the idea of an unbreakable love, “..I can be your shadow, drive you crazy all day long/Have you out of your mind by the time that you get home../” Riggs explains, “I wrote the song about a love that is forged in the fire and, even in death, cannot be undone. A love, I think, we all yearn for.

On the mid-tempo track “Come Back Down”, the lyrics discuss continuously falling for one while the person repeatedly breaks the heart of the other. The lyrics, “…Go ahead and let me down just one more time/Watch me crash and burn/I’m never gonna learn my lesson/No matter how hard I hit the ground/And I’ll be there to catch you/When you come back down…/” help to depict the feelings of the narrator throughout the song.

The second stand-out track on the album, “Hold On And Let Go” is a preferred favorite ballad among listeners around the country. On the website Texas Music Scene, writer TJ states, “It reminds me of growing up in small town East Texas. It’s a combination party song, love song, help me song.” The lyrics, “…we shut it down again/They’re lockin’ it up/Stumble through the gravel/Til’ we get to my truck/Goin’ laughin’ in the darkness/As I fumble for a kiss…/” describe the perfect elements of a young love.

Formed in late 2012, Sam Riggs and The Night People began as a solid lineup but quickly transformed into a “brotherhood”. Riggs explains, “I came to realize that being a ‘Night Person’ is more of a state of mind. It’s a commitment to make a stand every night on stage, and win the heart of the crowd and be good to one another regardless of how hard the miles are.” Riggs explains the “brotherhood” includes himself, Drummer Chad Camp, Bassist Dustin Williams, Sound Engineer Jarett Bostick, Tour Manager Matt Renard, and Manager Jeb Hurt.

Since Sam Riggs and The Night People first formed, the band members have experienced inspiring and memorable moments while performing on stage. Riggs recalls:

About four months ago we were playing Six Feet In The Ground. When it came to the bridge, ‘…She’ll never miss me/And this glass of whiskey/Seems to be all I’ve got left…/’ I stepped away from the mic. The crowd sang it so loud, it gave me chills and left me laughing out loud. It was the first time that had ever happened. I looked back at Chad, and all of the miles and long nights and missed bills and ramen noodles. It all felt worth it. Right then and there, it all made sense.”

Another memorable moment Sam Riggs and The Night People experienced was when the band performed at the Country Rendezvous Festival in France. “That was a religious experience, “Riggs recalls, “The crowd was about seven thousand strong, and definitely the largest crowd we’d played for. The most amazing thing was that so many of them knew who we were. They knew the songs!” Riggs continues, “Despite the language barrier, there was an instant heart-to-heart connection. We loved them, and they loved us right back.”

Despite their hectic recording and touring schedule, the band recently found time to help in assisting with a major auction. Benefiting victims of the 2013 May tornadoes in Oklahoma, many bands and artists came together to donate drum heads that would be auctioned off online. All proceeds earned through the online auction went to aid the victims through the Oklahoma Food Bank. “It was one of those truly transparent benefits where every cent went straight to supplies for the victims,” Riggs states.

“It’s such a powerful thing-music. When someone walks up and compliments me on music, I just want to give it back to them. I am forever grateful for the support people give me through their stories.

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