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Sam Raimi announces 'The Evil Dead' the series -- with Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

According to a Friday story on SyFy’s Blastr, Sam Raimi announced that he, his brother, Robert Tapert, and Bruce Campbell are developing an “Evil Dead” TV series. The series would presumably feature the return of Campbell as Ash, the hapless adventurer who found himself doing battle with demons, witches, and various undead. The franchise spanned three films, including “Army of Darkness,” that featured Ash going back in time to the Middle Ages.

The first “Evil Dead” was a low budget horror film released in 1981 depicting five college students, including one played by Campbell, who find themselves in a cabin in the woods. They play an audio tape that releases demons and spirits. Demonic possession and mayhem ensue. The second film involved Ash and his girlfriend having a romantic interlude in another cabin in the woods where the play another tape which causes more death, mayhem, and demonic possession. “Army of Darkness” has Ash and a group of medieval warriors fighting the undead in a besieged castle.

The “Evil Dead” trilogy made Campbell a cult, B movie icon. The first “Evil Dead” film was recently rebooted. There were rumors of an “Army of Darkness” sequel to star Campbell which never got off the ground. Now it seems that Ash, the Necronomicon, and the deadites are coming to the small screen. Campbell more recently gained some mainstream respectability by playing the role of Sam Axe, the aging former Navy SEAL in the series “Burn Notice.”

By returning to the franchise that first made him famous, Campbell would appear to be going back to his B movie roots. How the series will handle the gap between the end of “Army of Darkness” which happened 20 odd years ago and the present day. Ash started doing battle against deadites as a young college student. Now he will be fighting for his life as a man in middle age. But as long as he has his chain saw and boom stick, he will be alright.

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