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Sam Raimi and Tobey McGuire are out of the Spiderman business

The New Direction Sony wants?
The New Direction Sony wants?
Brian McKevitt - 2009

Late yesterday Sony announced that it was parting ways with Sam Raimi and re-booting the Spiderman franchise.

Before we go any further; let's get this out of the way - SPIDERMAN1 was a flawed movie but it is important to realize that it was probably as important as Burton's 1989 Batman in terms of it's place in the genre.  The success of Spiderman paved the way for many of the Superhero properties you are enjoying today both in the movies and on TV.

SPIDERMAN2 is the greatest Superhero movie ever made. Hands down. Don't argue. It is as close to an actual Spiderman comic book moving on the screen as you will ever see. EVER.

Now SPIDERMAN3 was a problem . . . the first forty minutes are great. It all ties in with the events of the first 2 and you are invested as you know these characters and care about them.  Suddenly Eddie Brock arrives and it turns to crap in a big way. 

The reason it goes south is that SONY in it's infinite wisdom forced Venom on Sam Raimi.  Sam had been making a movie about the Sandman, a classic Spidey villian.  Sam does not like Venom and the newer Spiderman Rougues gallery. Sam is a comic book HISTORY student and did not believe Venom fit in this film. He was right and the fanboy world agreed. 

But they sure sold a lot of Venom toys.

Flash forward to now. Sam was gearing up to make a new Spiderman movie with the classic Spidey foil, Vulture as the villian.  The Vulture is essentially a little old man in a bird costume.   SONY was pushing for Black Cat but Sam really liked the story he had. SONY tried to have him turn Black Cat into a sort of female Vulture character. Sam really liked the story he had. SONY told Sam he had to be done by  May 2011. Sam said that was immpossible. SONY said TOUGH. Sam said GOODBYE. SONY said REBOOT.

I say YOU LOSE.  Sam Raimi is an incredibly  talented director with something that is rare in Hollywood these days.

Vision and Style. I applaud Sam for walking away from the big pay day.  I'll be at his next flick opening night no questions. 

As for Spiderman, whoever comes next won't come close.   Get ready for  Spiderman to turn into the cinematic equivalent of a boy band - because I betcha that's what's coming - in 3-D!



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