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Sam Jane Brown examines religion's role in society with debut novel

 'Forgotten Word' takes a close look at religion

Author Sam Jane Brown's debut novel examines religion's role in society. Brown's debut book, "Forgotten Word," takes readers on a fast-paced journey that touches upon an array of thought-provoking points, including the role of religion and the potential impact of a new world order whereby religion is banned.

"The role and impact of religion on our everyday lives, even in a secular society is very pronounced during the holiday season. Quite simply, it's very difficult to imagine a living in a world where society has done away with religion," explained Brown, whose first novel has been compared to the iconic book by Dan Brown, "The Da Vinci Code."

She added, "The concept of religion is so deeply intertwined with our society. It's fascinating to think about what form of social change and evolution would occur if we were to see a ban on religion. It would truly be a new world order."

In "Forgotten Word," the main character, Zena McGrath, is faced with the prospect of a world without religion, after dangerous and powerful evil forces surface. These evil forces, combined with a powerful legion of Satan worshipers, prompt a global movement that seeks to do away with religion.

A police investigator, Zena's journey begins with a probe into the latest in a string of clergy members' deaths at the Vatican. But when she joins forces with Cardinal Donatello, she quickly discovers that there's so much more to the story and now, the deaths have spread outside the Vatican. As Zena jets to New York City to investigate the most recent suspicious priest death, she realizes she's being tailed by a powerful evil force.

This prompts Zena to embark upon a worldwide journey to the Holy Land and beyond, as she races to uncover the truth before these evil forces overtake and transform the world as we know it.

"Forgotten Word" delivers a fast-paced journey that's sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page. Brown is now penning her sophomore novel, which will serve as a follow-up to Forgotten Word.

Paperback editions of "Forgotten Word "are currently available for purchase on There is also a Kindle e-book edition.

To learn more about author Sam Jane Brown, "Forgotten Word" and her latest writing project, visit

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