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Sam Burchfield releases debut EP ‘Where to Run’
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Sam Burchfield has finally released his long anticipated debut EP, which has subsequently taken over the internet. Within minutes of its release, hundreds of friends and fans flooded social media sites with their support. In only two days the 22 year old has already landed highly competitive featured spots on various national and international music sites. After listening, it doesn’t take long to realize why Where to Run is something to talk about.

EP Cover
William Spitler

Going down the new record, every song feels like a different genera. From folk, to blues, to jazz, and even gospel, this EP has it all. Over the course of seven tracks, over 15 instruments were mixed together to uniquely paint every emotion and every word. The arrangements are stunning; in no small part due to the incredible musicians Burchfield asked to work with.

It is interesting to know that almost all of the musicians on the EP have played with or had a personal connection with Sam before the record. For example, Sam met the incredibly talented horns and keys players, including the well known Richard Sherrington, during his time playing in a wedding band.

It’s cool because everyone who was apart of this was either already my friend, or they became my friend during the process. It was amazing to have people I really care about be on it.

Three of the seven songs, Here Tonight, Moses, and Kings, clearly show the influence of Burchfield’s faith in his music. However, his lyrics have a very real universal appeal. In Kings, he sings about the fight of being a slave to the things that make us less than who we want to be.

Its kind of abstract… ‘we used to be Kings, everything was great till you came along’. You know… even if you’re not Christian, it’s just about the bad in the world. It’s about freedom. It’s a song about freedom from that.

The infectious beats and witty lyrics of She Got Your Love and Monopoly will be stuck in your head for days, while the softer swoons of Sister are likely to stir up memories of your childhood.

Doctor became a University of Georgia favorite after Burchfield played it at the TedxUGA conference last year. The comical song about falling in love with your doctor was written for his long-time girlfriend and pre-med major Rebekah Anders.

Cause that golden hair was made to wear a wild flower threaded through
So on the first of May, I asked her to stay and be my month of June...

Every song on the EP feels unique and personal. It was crafted the way all good records should be with a cohesive passion that moves flawlessly from track to track.

Check out Where to Run today on iTunes on Bandcamp and let the Examiner know what you think in the comments below! To keep up with Sam’s music check out his website. You can also find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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