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Sam a physical away from joining Cowboys practice squad

Cowboys set on signing Sam to practice squad
Cowboys set on signing Sam to practice squad
Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

Michael Sam had hit several recent setbacks in trying to join an NFL roster. After the St. Louis Rams cut him and then wouldn't keep him for their practice squad, it looked like Sam would have a long wait to find a new team. However, the Dallas Cowboys have reportedly cut his wait short, as they are bringing him in for a physical on Sept. 3 and have plans to put him on their practice squad, which would put him back on the brink of history.

Sam not only has a new chance to be the first openly gay player in the NFL, he would do it with one of the few teams already used to such media hype and attention. In fact, the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones thrive on it, which is a very cynical explanation for why they have reached out to Sam. Since Jones had to be talked out of drafting Johnny Manziel, taking the next most talked about player from this year's draft would seem to be the next best thing for him.

A more realistic reason for this move is that the Cowboys need all the defensive help they can get. In fact, it would make it all the more easy for Sam to join the roster at a later date, given that someone is bound to struggle or get hurt at some point. Dallas is one of the worst defensive teams in the NFL, which is one of many reasons why it may not even reach its annual 8-8 record this season.

Despite Sam's success in the preseason with the Rams, they were too crowded on defense to put him on the roster or the practice squad. But even with Sam's deficiencies on the field, they wouldn't stand out as much on an already paper thin defense like the one the Cowboys have.

Nevertheless, this is still a chance for Sam to play for one of the most storied teams in the NFL, if not the most accomplished over the last 15 years. If he does make it, the buzz will help overshadow whatever struggles the Cowboys are going through at the time, which is the biggest kind of win the franchise can get lately.