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Salvation Army asks for help finding murder suspects



Police are still searching for two men who shot and killed a Salvation Army major Christmas Eve outside the organization’s community center in North Little Rock, Arkansas, as his three young children looked on.

Police announced a $2,000 reward for any information leading to arrests in the shooting death of Salvation Army Major Philip Wise.

Arkansas police said two men accosted Philip Wise and his children — ages, 4, 6 and 8 — about 4 p.m. Thursday. Investigators report that one man pulled a gun, demanded money and then shot Wise.

Wise's wife, Cindy, also a major in the Salvation Army, was inside the center and called 911, but he died on the scene.

Police are looking for two African-American suspects in their late teens or early twenties who were seen fleeing the scene. The motive appears to be attempted robbery, according to police reports.

Arkansas police are asking the public to contact them at (501) 758-1234 with any information that might help lead them to the suspects.
Photo: AP/Salvation Army via The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

File photo of Salvation Army Major Philip Wise.


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