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Salute American is Coming to New Mexico

Patriotic martinis in red, white and blue
Patriotic martinis in red, white and blue
Jim Hammond

Salute American is premium vodka made from distilled corn and grain from America’s heartland and quadruple-distilled. This vodka is now available in New Mexico. Every bottle sold donates one dollar to various veteran’s charities, and not just on July Fourth, but every day. This makes it a great spirit to celebrate the Fourth, or any time. Salute American is available at New Mexico Walgreens stores state-wide.

A special July Fourth celebration was held in Corrales at the home of the Southwestern Wine Guy, where wine, craft beers and distilled spirits were on display. The highlight was a red, white and blue martini bar, featuring Salute American vodka and three distinctive vodka martini cocktails. Those were Cosmopolitan (red), Big Jim’s Diamond martini (white) and Purple Rain (blue). Each celebrant chose their favorite color, or cocktail to set off some sparks before the fireworks.

The recipes for all three drinks can be found here. Some of the guests had never had a Cosmopolitan or Purple Rain, but have now become fans. There are many recipes for these cocktails, many using exotic ingredients and liqueurs other than the classic ones for these cocktails. The focus here was all fresh ingredients and quality spirits, using Salute American vodka.

“While we are honoring the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we are also honoring all of our veterans who fought bravely in past wars to keep us free and support our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sometimes the fireworks blind us to the reasons we are celebrating and the true meaning of “rocket’s red glare”, but no one at this party missed the meaning of red, white and blue martinis,” said the Southwestern Wine Guy.

Salute American is American made, manufactured and distributed and proudly wears the USA Certified™ Seal, which means the product purchased has been made entirely in the US. Right down to its packaging. This ex-Navy guy is definitely saluting them for thinking of those veterans who did not come back whole and need a helping hand. Salud!