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Salt: The Spice Of Life


Insert Logo Courtesy of Salt, used with permission by Kuvy Ax. 

Salt’s opening had been eagerly anticipated for months, perhaps over a year. Any restaurant to occupy the space of the shuttered Tom’s Tavern had a lot to live up to: the historic location, the reputation as a dining mainstay, and a beloved place for visitors and Boulderites alike to hobnob. There was, needless to say, a LOT of expectation.

Fortunately, Salt seems to have hit the mark well. I headed there for Social Hour—the bistro term for “Happy Hour” –and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Previous attempts to visit the restaurant were foundered by the wait times in the evenings: the shortest I was ever quoted was an hour and fifteen minutes. This time, around on a cloudy weekend afternoon, the place was about half full with plenty of seating available at the bar. I ordered the local cheese plate (always interested in what’s deemed “local” cheese) and hand-cut fries with house made ketchup, along with a “Floating Buddah” from the cocktail menu. The fries were delicious: perfectly seasoned, beautifully crispy, and their accompanying ketchup was delectably tangy and flush with zesty vinegar. The cheese plate came with—as local as one can get; you can tour the dairy a few miles north of downtown Boulder yourself—Haystack Mountain fresh chevre and Aspen Ash cheeses, as well as a fruit mustarda and onion relish and, unfortunately…not enough bread. (This was remedied appropriately by my wonderful server, Jessie.) The cheeses were perfectly delicious, as I fully expect from Haystack, and the fruit mustarda was an interesting fruit reduction sprinkled with mustard seeds…juicy, sweet and tangy all at the same time. The onion relish was so/so…but then, I’m not the hugest fan of onion relish. I was assured by several fellow bar diners that the tomato soup was spectacular, and the ravioli—a floating lily pond gone edible, absolutely gorgeous and impeccably fresh—also received rave reviews by the lovely woman beside me who was especially delighted by the plethora of vegetables and, most especially, the mushrooms. (“I love mushrooms,” she confided, “and this is so good.”)


As for the drinks, they also stood nicely on their own. (Next time, I’m going in for a pre-Prohibition menu tasting) The floating Buddah, a concoction of Hangar One Citron “Buddah’s hand”, lemon juice, cristalino cava and pink grapefruit zest was a sparkly, tartly summery drink on an otherwise—and unusually—cloudy, chilly, stormy day. I followed up with Salt’s take on a Cranberry Caipirinha, a sprightly combination of veuv açai liqueur, agua luca chachaca, fresh lime and cranberry juices. It tasted like a Cosmo made with deeply smoked rum, entirely unlike a typical acid-sweet rum-based drink; more, as Jessie described, “like spicy tequila”. Quite delish, especially served on the mermaid bar.

The service was excellent; my food was brought within minutes of my ordering at and Jessie was there to answer any question I had about absolutely anything; she was truly fantastic. She kindly brought me more bread for my cheese plate, and included hearty whole-grain as well as foccaccia-style pieces along with the traditional baguette points. All in all, a perfectly lovely experience under $25 with tip. With the wide windows framing

Pearl Street
’s West End for perfect people-watching and fabulous views of the mountains, Social hour at Salt is definitely the place to be for both tourists and locals alike.

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  • Avid Reader 5 years ago

    Enjoyed this review so much! OK, you got my attention with the crispy hand-cut fries and home-made ketchup. :) The variety of cheeses, veggies interesting selection of breads on top of excellent attentive service and ambiance makes this unique establishment one not to be missed. I have a feeling it will surpass all expectations...Thanks for the report!

  • liz 5 years ago

    Mmmm, tasty! I've been wondering about this place - will definitely have to give it a try now. And they actually use the Buddha's hand lemon for something edible? Wow, color me impressed.

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