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Salt Lake Comic Con: Dan Farr gives us the ultimate Fan Xperience

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX looks to become the ultimate convention experience
Salt Lake Comic Con FanX looks to become the ultimate convention experience
Courtesy of Salt Lake Comic Con

Back in September, Salt Lake City, UT became the latest city in America to receive their own incarnation of Comic-Con. What was unexpected is the impact it would leave on the city. Quickly becoming the biggest inaugural Comic-Con in the country, boasting over 70,000 attendees on its first run, Salt Lake Comic-Con proved it could run with the more veteran comic book conventions.

Refusing to rest on his laurels after such a massive success, show creator Dan Farr is looking to up the stakes by giving the first annual Salt Lake Comic-Con FanXperience, or simply branded as FanX.

"We alway had planned on doing two shows a year," Farr told me as he graciously took time from his busy schedule when we sat down together. "What he want to do is make each show bigger than the last, and allow it to evolve as we go along."

And FanX is already turning into quite the show! Touting such guests as James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy), Julie Benz (Dexter), and the three stars of cult favorite The Boondock Saints Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery, and David Della Rocco, among many others as is, FanX wants to live up to its brand name, while offering something special for every fan.

"While it may have started years ago as a true comic book convention," explained Farr, "the San Diego Comic-Con has evolved into a celebration of all things pop culture. And that's our main focus here. Whether it's movies, TV, or comic books, we want to give something back to all our fans out there."

With other names being announced, such as Matt Frewer (Max Headroom) and The Monkee's Mickey Dolenz, Farr is not wrong.

After the attendance reached a critical mass back in September, Farr informed me that he has already taken precautions to ensure the same problems don't happen again.

"We're anticipating about 50 percent more in attendance [for FanX]," Farr informed me. "In September [for Salt Lake Comic Con], we were only using about 42 percent of the Salt Palace's convention space. This time around, we're utilizing all 100 percent of it."

This also includes more entrances being utilized and more ticket booths being opened, which means that there will be lesser likelihood of eager fans waiting in the sun.

Tickets are currently on sale right now for the show. A complete line-up, news about FanX, and a way to purchase tickets can be found by following this link here!

Salt Lake Comic-Con FanXperience will be launching April 17-19.

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